Scoop Comes Home: Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, ‘08 discusses his experiences with Eastern Athletics.

In 2008, the sports section of the Waltonian had communication studies student Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson as its editor. In 2019, Robinson came back home and was a speaker at Windows on the World. As the current sports editor, I took time after Windows to ask him a few questions and get to know him.

As a student, Robinson not only spent his time editing and writing for the Waltonian; he was a sports announcer for basketball, soccer, and field hockey. Robinson has been a sports writer practically all his life; specifically, he focuses on basketball. As a child in Brooklyn, New York, he spent time hosting his own show for the Brooklyn Nets. He spent much of his time at Eastern covering men’s basketball.

Robinson describes his experience as a journalist at Eastern as a great tool for his future. When asked what he carried the most with him from his time at the Waltonian, Robinson described the personal aspect of journalism. “Building relationships” and “being close with players” is something Robinson said is extremely important and helped his career.

Funny enough, Robinson said that he always saw himself coming back to Eastern to present at Windows on the World. However, he wanted to do things “his way” as he put it. His presentation was titled “Validation vs. Vindication: Sensing God’s Purpose for your Life.” Rather than speak for fifty minutes (as one typically does at Windows), Robinson spoke for about 25 and then he showed a video delving into his topic more in depth.

Since graduating from Eastern, he has become a columnist for Basketball Society, a basketball podcaster, and an analyst for ESPN. In his career, he has interviewed and talked to basketball legends such as Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James and Ben Simmons.

With over 22,000 followers on Twitter, he is fortunate enough to have connections with basketball greats from all over. He spends much of his time traveling all over the country talking on a variety of television shows, podcasts and YouTube shows. Needless to say, Robinson has become a big name in the world of professional basketball.

Robinson also spent time recently with the team he used to love announcing for: the men’s basketball team. During the home opener, he participated as a color analyst along with current Eastern student Kenneth Osbourne Jr.

Although he no longer pursues college basketball as his main source of writing material, he definitely had thoughts about the 2019-2020 Eastern men’s basketball team.

“I like the team, I like the coach,” he said of the current Eagles. He noted their chemistry and their ability to work as a team. When asked if any one player stood out, Robinson did not hesitate giving his thoughts. “I like William Blet,” he said. Blet, a junior forward, stands at 6 foot 8, and Robinson notes that he thinks Blet will go far. “The sky’s the limit for Blet,” Robinson said. “If he continues to stay consistent like he has, he will be a candidate for many conference awards.”

Another player who caught Robinson’s eye was first year forward Sasha Lut. “In the time that he got to play, he took advantage of it,” Robinson notes.

While he has not been a student at Eastern for over ten years, Robinson loves to connect with the Eastern family. He is still Facebook friends with his professors and a number of Eastern students, and it is not odd to see him post about Eastern Athletics every now and then. Robinson is grateful for the things he learned at Eastern, and he can not wait to come home again.

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