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The Final Countdown: The final class of Athletic Training students reflect on the legacy they leave behind

It is impossible to live in a world without change. From changes in curriculum to faculty changes, the wheel is always turning here at Eastern. For one passionate and hardworking group of students, they will be the last few to hold a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training. CAATE, the Commission […]

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Welcome Back Eagles! Athletic Director Eric McNelly sits down with the Waltonian

As we head into a new school year filled with uncertainty, excitement, and hope, the Waltonian’s Maggie Fleming sat down with Athletic Director Eric McNelly to discuss how Eastern Athletics is addressing the changes that the Eagles will see this year. On July 24th, the Mid-Atlantic Conference announced that they […]

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Patronage (From a Distance): How to be involved in the arts during COVID

In times of stress, what do you turn to? Do you read your favorite book or visit an art exhibit? Do you listen to music alone in your room? No matter what you turn to, many stress relieving arts activities have been postponed, canceled, or modified due to the pandemic. […]


Stay Hydrated: Why drinking water is great and how to increase your water intake

There’s a chemical compound that is taking the world by storm: hydrogen dioxide. it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It takes up space in the human body and occupies our oceans. Believe it or not, we need it to survive. So what exactly is hydrogen dioxide? Well, it’s water. While […]

The Circle Theatre in the Square is the only theatre in the round on Broadway. This gives a unique aspect to the show.

Not Your Grandmother’s Oklahoma!: A discussion of the recent Tony award winning reimagining of a classic musical and its impact on modern audiences.

After audience members hear “please turn off your cell phones, the show is about to begin,” one expects the lights to dim, the overture to commence, and then the show begins. At the Circle in the Square Theater in New York, Daniel Fish’s Tony Award winning new reimagined version of […]

Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson during his Windows on the World Presentation.

Scoop Comes Home: Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, ‘08 discusses his experiences with Eastern Athletics.

In 2008, the sports section of the Waltonian had communication studies student Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson as its editor. In 2019, Robinson came back home and was a speaker at Windows on the World. As the current sports editor, I took time after Windows to ask him a few questions […]

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Holidays and Geographical Traditions: Inside how some students spend the holidays where they are from.

A Jew(ish) Christmas: Christmas as a Christian kid in Jewish town. Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a town known for its diners, it’s mall and its synagogues. As one of the few Christians in town, it is not odd that I adopted some of the traditions my Jewish classmates and neighbors […]


People of Eastern: The first-year making a political statement.

When Meg Malkemes walks in a room, she looks exhausted. Despite this exhaustion, her hair is perfectly pulled back into a bun, her eyes are lined with perfect black wings, her outfit is right on trend and her face is covered with a smile. The nineteen-year-old first year is more […]

Katie Sims enjoys wearing her hair in a ponytail and printed leggings, staples of the athleisure style.

Athleisure in Fashion: How athletic apparel has made its way into the mainstream fashion world

Leggings, sweatpants, and sneakers, are no longer exclusively worn to workout, they are seen in everyday fashion. Athleisure is a term created in the United Kingdom, meaning casual and comfortable, suitable for exercise as well as everyday wear. Athleisure has taken off to become one of the most adapted styles […]

Eastern is offering a wide variety of classes to take in the spring, sure to suit the interests of each student.
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Check out These Classes Being Offered in the Upcoming Semester.

Faith and Politics:  This spring semester class is for students interested in social change. Although Spring semester registration has come and gone, many students are left looking for classes to fulfill credit needs or major/minor requirements as classes are often in flux semester to semester. One of the most exciting […]