New Year for Rising Men’s Basketball Team

The Eastern men’s basketball team has high hopes for their fast-approaching season. Though they have a significantly smaller roster than last year, the Eagles are confident in their pure athletic ability and raw talent that they will have stepping onto the court. Many solid contributors are returning this season, including senior forward Jimmie Willis and sophomore guard Malcolm Garrison. There are five new faces on the team as well, bringing fresh talent and a whole new dynamic to the team.

Head coach Nathan Stewart is ready for the season to be underway and is looking forward to a new year. He states that he is excited about how much the young men on his team have worked and improved in the off season, and he is interested to see “how [the team] faces adversity and success.” Stewart says that the biggest challenge for the team this year will probably be their youth, and their relatively small size in the post. However, he is confident that the Eagles are more athletic this year and should be able to outmatch some teams in quickness.

Junior guard Anthony Parenti is anxious to start the season. Returning after a solid individual season, with an average of 10.5 points per game last year, Parenti is ready to see the team come together and show up big this winter. He says, “I am most excited to just get out there and start playing again. Last year we didn’t have a ton of success, but I am excited to start a new year and put last season behind us.” Parenti also agrees with Coach Stewart that the team has a lot more experienced players this year that will quite possibly propel them into competing for a title in the conference championship.

Parenti is hopeful that the team will remain a strong, united front throughout the season. He remarks, “The biggest challenge for us this season is to be mentally tough, to let last year behind us and move onto this year. The college basketball season is a very long year, and it tests your mental toughness. The games late in the year are always difficult because they really test how strong a team is mentally.

Coach Stewart says, “I come into every year believing we can win the conference.” However, Stewart’s motto for his team is to “win the day.” He believes if the team works hard one day at a time, they are bound to find success.

The Eagles open their season with a home court advantage on November 19 against the rival Cabrini Cavaliers.


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  1. I liked your article. From the person who covered this team last year. I might poit outthat this is Coach Stwert’s second or Sophmore season and they are often ones of legends because the caoch hasworked out the “Freshman Jitters”