Tuition Rates See Stabilization

College tuition is expensive,  and every student fears that the price will skyrocket at the end of each year. Huffington Post has found that this year “the cost has gone up – but not as much [as] in the past.” College tuition has always drastically increased from year to year, oftentimes making it difficult for new students to attend, and current students to return to school. “It does seem that the spiral is moderating. Not turning around, not ending, but moderating,” co-author of the report, Sandy Baum said. While most would consider this good news, it can be troublesome for those who foot the tuition bill.

“The rapid increases in college prices have slowed, however, students and families are paying more because grant aid is not keeping up,” said David Coleman, president of the College Board. The government has been unable to keep up with grants while the college prices stay at a small, steady incline.

While the average published price for tuition and fees for a private college is $30,094, the net price is $12,460 — up $530 from last year. The net price is what they actually pay after grants. “There were years this decade that saw the net price going down, but it has gone up the last two years,” states Huffington Post. College is already an expensive bill and with every increase, it is becoming more out of reach for certain students.

“Institutions are committed to holding down costs, but it is equally important for state and federal governments to play their part to make college affordable,” Baum said. In order for more students to be able to afford a chance at higher education, more grants need to be available. Hopefully, the future will promise rises in grants and the continuation of slow increasing college tuition.


Sources:  The Huffington Post

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