Car Accidents on Campus Occur

Walking to your car only to discover that it is not the way you left it is probably not your idea of a good time. You at least hope that the person who hit your car left a courtesy note, but unfortunately on Eastern’s campus this has not always been the case. For Junior Hannah Day, her car has been unlucky this year. She says, “My car has been backed into on campus. It has also been side swiped and banged into with other people’s doors. However, I was never around or in my car when the damaged occurred and I never received any note of apology from anyone so I don’t know who did anything. It was really disappointing that I didn’t hear anything from the person who backed into my car, it cracked the front headlight and severely dented the drivers side panel by the hood.”

Director of Security Jim Magee provided the following statement about when a car on campus is hit by another car on campus: “When an accident is discovered and one of the parties involved requests Security to respond, the officer will take personal information from all parties involved such as drivers license, registration and insurance information. Security officers will also examine the area for debris to determine where the accident occurred. Officers will record what they see and prepare a report. Security officers will not determine who was at fault in an accident. Any one of the parties can request that the Radnor Police investigate.”

Angie Kochen's car
Angie Kochen’s car Angie Kochen | The Waltonian
There has been a positive case in the midst of all the negativity. Senior Angela Kochen’s car was hit by a snow plow last year and she was emailed that morning about the damage. The person who was plowing admitted to hitting her car and Eastern paid for the damage. While this has not been the case for all, Kochen was pleased with how Eastern handled the situation with her car last year.

In the future if you are in a situation where you accidentally hit a car with yours, leave a note with your contact information. Leaving a note is the right thing to do, and it usually does not come out of your pocket to fix the other person’s car depending on your insurance policy. Do the right thing, and hopefully others will follow the trend.

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