Author: Heather McBride


Harriton High Hires Alumni

There aren’t many places where four Eastern alumni all work together, except for maybe Eastern itself. I am sure that many of you have never heard of Harriton High, but this high school currently has four Eastern alumni working on their spring production of “Pippin”. Eastern graduate and current graduate […]


Free Outdoor Summer Movies

Spring may have just begun, but summer is just around the corner. And with summer comes outdoor movies! That is right, free outdoor movies like they used to do back in the day. These outdoor movie screenings come in all different varieties: some take place in an open grassy field, […]


Car Accidents on Campus Occur

Walking to your car only to discover that it is not the way you left it is probably not your idea of a good time. You at least hope that the person who hit your car left a courtesy note, but unfortunately on Eastern’s campus this has not always been […]


“The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane”

A dusty stage, manmade hills and waves of burlap set the stage for this original production of “The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane.” This show is a beautiful story that surrounds the heart wrenching issue of corrective rape in South Africa. “South Africa is seen as a fairly progressive country […]


It’s About Time!

A Raucous Ride Through Space and Time You may have seen a large group of children singing and laughing somewhere in McInnis lately and thought to yourself, “what is going on?” These children, from the theater group Yes! And…? Collaborative Arts that was started by Eastern alum, have been practicing […]


Housekeeping Staff Appreciation Is Ongoing

Over the past few weeks the Eastern University community has been much more involved in the lives of our housekeeping staff than normal. This has been due to the change in vendor that Eastern will use for their housekeeping staff. Some students are upset with the way that the whole […]


Donating the Gift of Life

Eastern hosts blood drive On Monday, Nov. 17, Eastern University hosted a blood drive through the American Red Cross. Many students signed up to give to this worthy cause, but this is a much more personal donation than money. Giving blood is so important because it is always in demand; […]


Deep Thoughts with Heather McBride

People Watching (verb): An activity where one individual watches another individual for amusement. The individual being watched usually does not know that they are being looked at. No connection to stalking. There are some people who sit in a spot in a fairly public area and watch people. But not just […]