It’s About Time!

A Raucous Ride Through Space and Time

You may have seen a large group of children singing and laughing somewhere in McInnis lately and thought to yourself, “what is going on?” These children, from the theater group Yes! And…? Collaborative Arts that was started by Eastern alum, have been practicing at Eastern for their show since the beginning of January. But their rehearsal process begins even earlier than that, starting intensive rehearsals in the beginning of November for their Jan. 29 show. You could say that these kids are dedicated, but that would be an understatement.

“It’s About Time” is about more than just time. It has seamstresses in charge of weaving time together, a talking bird, a one eyed villain, a duck hunter, and… Oh! The future has been kidnapped and now time is stuck in a loop. “It’s About Time” is a revamp of this show that Yes! And…?did a few years ago. A few of the cast members were actually in the original show and have been able to see the show’s progress over the years.

Cast member Clarissa Frye came to see Yes! And…’s shows as a child and now she is a cast member. “It has been a surreal experience, being a fan to being in the cast. I actually saw the first version of ‘It’s About Time!’ and it was definitely my favorite one to watch, and now I get to be in it!” Shoshi Greenberg, who is playing Gordon, Father Time’s Cuckoo, was in the original production of the show. She says, “Being in this show has been so cool because the first time I remember looking up to the adult cast members, especially Zach who played Gordon, the part I have now. It is so weird realizing that I am the big kid in the cast and other kids are looking up to me now”.

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts’ mission is to equip children and young people with the tools to be better learners, to believe in themselves and to realize their dreams through the work of creating collaboratively with peers and professional artists. They work with children and youth from across Philadelphia in the collaborative and imaginative arts through Summer Theatre Camps, after school programs, SHADOW Company high school leadership and arts training, and (with Eastern University Theatre) the Winter Sort of Thing.

Sometimes things can’t be left up to Fate. Sometimes you find yourself locked in an invisible prison by an evil lunch lady and her silent sidekick. Sometimes you find out that Father Time’s son (the future) has been kidnapped and now the world is stuck in a loop tearing the fabric of time. Sometimes a rag-tag team of ordinary kids have to follow a giant talking bird behind the veil of time to save the worlds. Sometimes heroes are made out of the least likely people. Sometimes anything can happen, and it does in this years Winter Sort of Thing, “It’s About Time!”

This show runs from Jan. 29- Feb. 1 and tickets are $10 for general admission, $8 for children and seniors, and $5 with a student ID. For more information or to buy your tickets, visit

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