Around the World: New Zeland; Terrorist attack plagued a community of Muslims as they worshipped.

      On Friday, March 15, there was a shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand at two mosques, the Al-Noor and the Linwood Mosque. The attack began in the afternoon, when both mosques would be full for afternoon prayers.

      The death toll, as of currently, is up to 50, with another 50 hospitalized due to injuries.

      As a result of this shooting, the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, spoke up immediately to say that “There will be changes to our gun laws.” Although her and her staff have yet to meet, there is a planned discussion for Monday. More updates on the situation will follow this meeting in the news as New Zealand opens up discussions about gun laws and semi-automatic weapons.

      The shooter was from Australia, and although he may be taken back there, it is being held firm that his trial will take place in New Zealand, as a way to answer for the terror he caused there. There was one other suspect held in custody due to evidence, but there has been nothing to link them to the attack. Arden condemned his act as “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.” Arden is committed to bringing justice to the situation.

      The attack was partly streamed on Facebook. Although the site shut it down, it took them 17 minutes to do so.

      In the Philadelphia area, there were many places that were holding vigils. One of these places was University of Pennsylvania. There were many Eastern students who attended in order to pray for and honor those who were killed. The Eastern Community will continue to stand in solidarity with those who are affected. There are funds being set up for those who can donate financially, The New Zealand Islamic Information Centre and Victim Support, and vigils will continue to be held around the world.

      Sources: CNN, The New York Times

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