A Brief Review of the 2016 Presidential Candidate

Welcome to 2016, where Americans are following the presidential race like a reality TV show. In this article I will give a brief rundown of the candidates that are still in the race. Due to the number of candidates, I’ll only here cover those with over 10% poll standing in their respective camps, and so will exclude Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Martin O’Malley, and others.

Hillary Clinton (D)

Poll Standing: 52.1%

Political Experience: Secretary of State 2009-2013, U.S. Senator for New York, First Lady.


• “A senator who surprised her rivals by working across the aisle.” (NY Times)

• “A losing presidential candidate in 2008 who went on to serve in the administration of Barack Obama, the man who had bested her.” (NY Times)

• “She has taken positions at odds with those of her former boss [Obama] on trade, the Keystone pipeline and other issues.” (Wall Street Journal)

Bernie Sanders (D)

Poll Standing: 37.3%

Political Experience: U.S. Senator for Vermont, Mayor of Burlington, Vt., House Representative for Vermont

Career Experience: Carpenter, Writer, Professor at Harvard University and Hamilton College.


• Calls himself a Democratic socialist. (Wall Street Journal)

• Has asked voters ‘to join him in what he has framed as a political revolution, appealing to progressives frustrated with big challenges like income inequality.” (NY Times)

Donald Trump (R)

Poll Standing: 35.3%

Career Experience: New York real-estate developer, casino developer, and reality television star.


• “Boasts of his negotiating skills, business acumen, and wealth.” (Wall Street Journal)

• “Promises to use his deal-making prowess to enrich America.” (NY Times)

• “Vowed to build a wall along the southern border, slash taxes, and crush ISIS.” (NY Times)

Ted Cruz (R)

Poll Standing: 19.7%

Political Experience: U.S. Senator for Texas, former Texas solicitor general.


• “He has criticized GOP leaders in Congress for what he describes as their willingness to compromise and cut deals with the White House.” (Wall Street Journal)

• “His opposition to the 2010 health care law contributed to a partial government shutdown in October 2013.” (Wall Street Journal)

Marco Rubio (R)

Poll Standing: 10.7%

Political Experience: U.S. Senator for Florida, city commissioner in West Miami, speaker of the Florida House.


• “Helped assemble a sweeping immigration bill that granted legal status, and eventually citizenship, to people in the country illegally.” (Wall Street Journal)

• “A leading voice for a younger generation of Republicans.” (Wall Street Journal)

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