Author: Maddy Lee


Eastern Student Punts Kaepernick Controversy

     As early as  the first Olympic Games, sports have been associated with patriotism. This is especially true in the United States with football. Football players are not just athletes—they are people who make possible an integral part of the American identity.      This is why 49ers player […]


Showing Jesus to Christians

Like most of us here at Eastern, I am a Christian. Like all of us here, I have my own interpretation of what that means. To me, being a Christian boils down to loving others. To me, being a Christian means putting more effort into removing the log from my […]


“I Didn’t Know You Were In THC!”

I don’t come across as an intellectual. I spend a long time deciding which earrings to wear every day. I ask a lot of questions that, in my valley girl-esque voice and, like, wording come across as ditzy. My favorite movie is a Bollywood musical version of “Pride and Prejudice.” […]


Music Department Hosts Gala

On Friday, April 1, Eastern University held its 13th Annual Music Gala in conjunction with the Church of the Savior’s 10th Annual Weekend of the Arts. The night was incredible, featuring 10 performing acts of the highest quality. Tickets are unfortunately a little more pricey than the usual on campus […]


Historic Meeting of East And West

On Friday, Feb. 19, Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill I, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, recently met in Cuba to address the rift between the churches. This is a significant and historical event for both traditions, because there has been a separation between the Catholic Church and the Russian […]


Esperanza College Hope For The City

“Esperanza” means hope in Spanish, and the opportunities that Esperanza makes possible certainly brings hope to many students and, by extension, the city. Esperanza began with its first class in 2000, a class of students working toward their associate’s degrees. The path to this first class started years before 2000; […]


EU Theater’s Rhinoceros: A Satire Not To Miss

On the face of it, Rhinoceros is a nonsensical comedy about people turning into rhinoceroses. Underneath it, though, there is a more serious dilemma. The opening scene is silly, with difficult dialogue as it bounces between small groups processing the effects of a large rhinoceros running rampant through their Parisian […]


Censorship and the FCC

Although the Second Amendment has been getting more press recently, the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech, association, and religion is a pivotal bulwark in our nation’s founding. Free speech has become nearly synonymous with democracy, and as a principle it is highly uncontested in our country. However, the […]


Phonathon And The Eastern Fund: A Closer Look

It’s not news that college in America costs a lot of money. It’s definitely not news that Eastern University costs a lot of money, too. It certainly costs more than public schools, and you don’t want to point out how much some in-state tuitions are. That’s why it’s so hard […]