“Wayne Open Late”: Later Business Hours, Refreshments, Sales, and More

Wayne is a quaint and lovely town that is known for its historic Quaker origins, beautiful architecture, sightseeing, shopping, and dining experiences. Eastern University students tend to flock there in their free time, enjoying the scenery and getting some good ice cream at the Wayne Coffee and Ice Cream Bar. This year, Wayne is taking an interesting initiative. Over the summer, The Wayne Business Association, also known as the WBA, announced the beginning of the “Wayne Open Late” program. Every Thursday night, participating non-restaurant merchants will extend their normal business hours and stay open until 8 p.m.
The program was announced in the early summer and began August 17. Wayne Open Late will continue throughout the year. The weekly event will be an excellent opportunity for incoming, as well as current students, to get to know the area around them a little bit better, and explore everything it has to offer. Wayne Open Late will feature music and other forms of entertainment, sidewalk sales, wine and food tastings, Happy Hour specials, and even more according to the WBA. There will also be a special theme each week to spice it up and make things interesting. It is a perfect event for college students since there is no admission fee. Main Point Books, a local bookstore, also shared their excitement about the event on Facebook, announcing their participation in the event and how they will be adding their own programs and authors. There is a little something for everybody in Wayne.
If you know a first-year student, or somebody that has never been to Wayne, encourage them to come out and enjoy Wayne Open Late. It could be one of the many attractions around campus that could enhance any student’s college experience, and it will help also support local businesses. More information can be found on the Wayne Business Association Facebook page.

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