The ins and outs of Registration: Although registering for classes may seem stressful, this information can help alleviate any questions you may have!

Although registering for classes can be an exciting time, it is also a source of many worries for students, but there are some ways to stay informed about the process to have a seamless a process as possible. 

Registration is the three-step process. Said to be similar to online shopping, registering for classes is fairly similar while looking at the steps. First, plan courses in the portal found in MyEastern. Once logged in, click on ‘My Progress’ to view what courses are required for your major. Courses that are not completed are highlighted red. These red courses are where you want to start. Once you added courses to your schedule, go to  ‘Plan & Schedule Courses’ to see your semester schedule on a weekly calendar. 

After you have your desired courses planned, meet with your academic adviser. Your academic adviser is a professor that teaches in your major. Your adviser will then approve your courses, usually after meeting to discuss your progress through the major. 

Finally, the last step in this online shopping experience is to register for your courses. You have to do this yourself. Although they are approved by your adviser, you still need to register officially on your own through the MyEastern portal. On the ‘Plan & Schedule Courses’ tab, under Spring 2020 (next semester) you will find a button that says ‘Accept terms & Register Now.’ This must be clicked on to register. Courses planned will turn from yellow to green. Registration days are from Nov. 5-7, separated by how many credit hours have been earned. On Nov. 5 at 7 a.m., students that have earned 73 credits or more are able to register for courses. On Nov. 6 at 7 a.m., students that have earned anywhere from 32-72.99 credit hours are able to register for courses. Finally, on Nov. 7 at 7 a.m., students that have between  0-31.99 credits earned can register for courses. These times are designated to allow upperclassmen to register fi rst in order to complete timely graduation requirements; however, you can register anytime after your scheduled time. Courses can be added until Jan. 21 and dropped until Jan. 28. However, even when following the three step process, there are still some challenges that students can face. 

For one, if a student has a hold on their account from the Health Center Student Accounts or the Registrar are unable to register for classes until that hold is lifted. These students are still able to plan their courses and have them approved by an adviser, but the fi nal step of registering cannot happen.  

Sometimes, courses fill, especially if they are a part of the general education requirement for Eastern. This can be frustrating, but it is encouraged, especially for fi rst-years with not a lot of credits to select a few backup courses in case their fi rst pick is full by the time they register. 

For students planning to be a Teaching Assistant next semester, they must fi ll out the Teaching/Research Assistant form and have it signed by their adviser and the professor they are working for. After turning this in, the Registrar Office will add this to your schedule. 

At the Registrar’s office, a friendly face to see is Karen Thompson, Assistant Registrar for Advising and Registration. Thompson has been at Eastern for over nine years, and she got her Master’s degree here. In addition, Thomspon’s mom graduated from Eastern, making the university a staple in her home growing up. At Eastern, Thompson joins her sister and cousin, making work for her a real family reunion. In her free time, Thompson like to binge watch Parks and Recreation and her favorite show, Scrubs. On top of this, Thompson also likes going to concerts, being outside, touring museums, traveling the world, and doing yoga. Thompson is also a big fan of succulents. There is one in her office that is 2-years-old and will not stop growing. 

If there are additional questions, please visit the Office of the Registrar, located in Mall Cottage.

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