Shopping on a Budget: Price Rite Marketplace

      Food. Glorious food. This topic is something that every college kid can get behind. Whether it comes from on-campus or off-campus, finding a great place to eat is essential to making it through the semester. What may be just as important, if not more important to some, is locating a place where the produce is fresh, as well as affordable.

      Considering the fact that Eastern University is near the Main Line in Wayne, the affordable aspect may be harder to come by. While there are places such as Walmart, Giant and Target, there are still some left to be discovered; one of those being a grocery outlet called Price Rite Marketplace.

      Price Rite Marketplace is a marketplace not too far from Eastern; a little under 10 miles in Secane, PA. They pride themselves on always having new, fresh, inexpensive finds while also having accessible and friendly customer service. They strive to bring the best produce and meats and to make sure they stay fresh; all they do is open the box when they receive them in; there is no “extra handling”.

      While they may take extra care in making sure their products are fresh, some say that the assortment and variety in the store is limited. While this may be true, Price Rite Marketplace still gives a good size selection of high-quality brands, along with locally considered produce.

      As college students, we all must live on some type of budget. While Eastern does provide a meal plan, sometimes it’s nice to take a night off and cook your own meal. Price Rite Marketplace gives an incredible value on name brand items, which could help college students when trying to find accessible groceries that also taste fresh.

      On average, Price Rite Marketplace can save a customer 20-50 percent more than a regular grocery store. Specifically, for Eastern students, the store in Secane has been rebranded and is introducing a new program. The program is more focused on special deep discounts, enhanced fresh offerings and an improved shopping experience. The stores have lowered prices on hundreds of items, introduces new and exciting private labels and organic products and brightened and revitalized store décor.

      When considering shopping on a budget even further, there are two other features that Price Rite Marketplace is promoting in order to help students save money. The Price Rite Marketplace Drop Zone is a unique in-store destination, where customers will find extraordinary deals, special surprise buys and must-have products for $3 or less. The second feature is called Spot on Savings. Once you enter a Price Rite Marketplace, there are big bright red “spots” in every aisle that showcase weekly deals.

      Shopping on a budget, especially as a college student, can be extremely difficult. No one likes to give up their favorite food or name brand snacks just because they are too expensive. Sometimes, students must sacrifice freshness for affordability. With Price Rite Marketplace, none of these things have to be a problem. Using coupons as well as their other features makes shopping at their grocery store easy, reasonably priced and an overall great experience.                              


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