Articles written by: Jess Snader


Eastern’s Art Show: A look into one of the inaugural events based on the theme of transformational love.

      Most people think of an art exhibition as an event where people go to engage with and observe the art that is on display, but in reality, the art meets the audience. Art has the power to move people, to transform and to change the world. Even […]


Surfing Becomes more Inclusive for Women: Women surfers are finally given the opportunity to compete in dangerous waves like their male counterparts.

      What is surfing? Is it what Wikipedia defines as a “surface water sport in which the wave rider rides on the forward face of a moving wave”? Is it its own culture? Is it a profound way of life? However one chooses to think about surfing, we […]


Shopping on a Budget: Price Rite Marketplace

      Food. Glorious food. This topic is something that every college kid can get behind. Whether it comes from on-campus or off-campus, finding a great place to eat is essential to making it through the semester. What may be just as important, if not more important to some, is […]


Windows on the World: A look into Rev. Cean James’s message about not choosing sides.

      Tony Campolo, an Eastern alum and founder of the Campolo fellows program, has influenced numerous people during his journey at Eastern and even after the fact.       On Wednesday, Jan. 30, Reverend Cean James was presented with the opportunity to speak about his life’s mission […]


Self-Care After Hibernation: A closer look on how to get back to taking care of your mind and body after a long winter break.

      Self-care. What is it? To each and every person, self-care can mean a different thing. When people think of the word self-care, many of them automatically think of the famous quote “Treat yo self” from the show Parks and Recreation.       Although self-indulgence can be […]


Inside Eastern’s Sports Rivalries: Exploring the history and purpose of Eastern team rivals.

      Every sports team can be caught up in or with a series of opponents, in which all athletes attempt to give their best performance yet. With a long history together or a new matchup against an opponent within one’s division, conference, or region that always creates tension/obstacles […]