Shelby Kemp Participates in the Program ‘Semester at Sea’

      Junior Shelby Kemp studied abroad with ‘Semester at Sea,’ which lasted 107 days and went to 13 cities, 11 countries and 4 continents through Colorado State University. Reporter, Claire Leek, interviewed Kemp about her experience.

      Leek: How long were you there?

      Kemp: “Four months, from September 9th to December 23rd, 2018.”

      Leek: Tell us one adventurous story you remember from studying abroad?

      Kemp: “Every weekend I was docking in a new country with all of its unique characteristics and I was overjoyed to begin exploring. What I enjoyed most were the small things, such as attempting to cross a very busy street in Vietnam or staying in a person’s home in Cape Town, South Africa.”

      Leek: Were there any fancy foods that you tried?

      Kemp: “The foods that I enjoyed most were ones with ties to the Asian culture, such as dumplings and noodles. The food I struggled the most with but tried anyway, were the spicy foods from Ghana and India.”

      Leek: What were the people you met like?

      Kemp: “Everyone was so different and unique. What unified them all was their kindness and acceptance of me and my friends into their homes and culture. I will forever be grateful for their welcoming nature.”

      Leek: Were there any different cultural experiences?

      Kemp: “I was able to explore the Buddhist religion in Myanmar by exploring multiple pagodas. I did not expect to love the practices of another religion as much as I did. I believe we all need to go out and explore more so that we learn to respect religions different from our own.”

      Leek: If you could give any piece of advice for other Eastern students who may be wanting to study abroad, what would it be?

      Kemp: “Do It! Don’t wait. If the program seems like a good fit or you have a calling to go, do it. If I had waited or second guessed my decision, I would not be able to say that I have circumnavigated the globe and become a new person for the better!”

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