Articles written by: Claire Leek


Shelby Kemp Participates in the Program ‘Semester at Sea’

      Junior Shelby Kemp studied abroad with ‘Semester at Sea,’ which lasted 107 days and went to 13 cities, 11 countries and 4 continents through Colorado State University. Reporter, Claire Leek, interviewed Kemp about her experience.       Leek: How long were you there?       […]


A Place Apart: An Unorthodox Path to Ministry

      Growing up as a youth pastor’s daughter, I had the privilege of getting involved in a lot of different ministries. From the time when I was a child in diapers until now, I was always highly involved in Presbyterian church camps. From graduating high school to being […]


Logan M. Isaac Speaks at Windows: A look into this veteran’s perspective on war and theology.

      On Oct. 19, Logan M. Isaac spoke at Eastern’s Windows on the World event. Isaac integrated his experience as a veteran with his identity as a Christian to offer a new perspective on war. He engaged with Augustine’s Just War principles and asked how a Christian can […]


The Art of Self-love: How self-love can be the greatest feeling of all time.

       It is 10 p.m. in the dorm room and I am sitting on the bed staring at my book bag. I completed a full days work in the Jammin’ Java but somehow my bookbag is haunting me, telling me there is more work to be done. I […]


Faith on the Field Event

      On Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Eastern University hosted the “Faith on the Field Show”, where Eastern students and community experienced meeting Zach Ertz and Jordan Hicks to hear their testimonies about their faith on the field. Zach Ertz and Jordan Hicks are two recent Super Bowl winners […]