People of Eastern: Soad “Ali” Poagoda

      Soad Poagoda, if you ask around for her on campus, calls herself Ali. Her parents and brothers are immigrants from Honduras. Ali grew up in a very Latino household and takes her culture seriously, even when she is living as a student at Eastern.

      Ali attended a Christian high school that was respectful to her family’s religion, and so she desired to continue an education at a Christian college. After her youth pastor mentioned Eastern, Ali stated, “I knew this was the place for me. I loved my Bible classes in high school and Eastern would be able to give me a deeper understanding of my beliefs.”

      Ever since she was two, Ali knew she wanted to be a doctor. “I would run around my house in a doctor’s hat when I was really young,” mentioned Ali. Ali heard that Eastern was a Christian university but it also had a great science program. “I didn’t know what major to pick when I arrived on campus but after talking to my advisor, she suggested biochemistry and I love it,” Ali said. Ali plans on going to medical school but still hasn’t quite decided what type of profession she wants to study, but pediatrics, gynecology, urology and STI researcher, are the few options she is choosing from.

      Each profession was decided by figuring out what she loves most in life. “I realized I had the patience and love for children that you need to be a pediatric practitioner,” said Ali about her time in middle school. The other three options became clear to her when she became interested in sex education in high school. When asked what she loves most about these professions, she said, “It is really interesting to me how men and women are so different and, yet, they come together so beautifully. Growing up in a Christian environment, I found it really important to educate myself on sex and wanted to educate those around me who tend to make uninformed decisions.”

      Besides science, one can find Ali dancing with ETHLES, Eastern’s Swing Dance Club. Dance is a big part of Ali’s life. She found her love for dance by partaking in gymnastics and signing up to dance during art nights that her elementary school would hold. Ali smiled and said, “I can express myself in dance by putting emotions into the song and movements. I express myself more in dance than science!” So, if you see Ali on campus be sure to hi!

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