People of Eastern: Nicole Koefler

      “I decided to come to Eastern because it was the only school where I felt at home and where I felt I could grow in my faith. In my mind, it was the only option for me” Koefler stated. She first heard about Eastern at a college fair and it was her first college tour with her parents. As a result of these interactions, her choice to be at Eastern was an inevitable one from the start.

      Nicole Koefler comes from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, and is part of a family of three. She attended Upper Dublin High School and there she participated in two choirs. One choir, the Chamber Choir, was a more advanced choir program. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys thrift shopping, reading great literature, and listening to music. Thrift stores are a great place to shop for cheap clothes that could otherwise be extremely expensive.

      Nicole makes use of this, as her wardrobe consists primarily of thrifted clothing. Reading has been a big part of her life since she was young. “There is just something different and more alluring about brick and mortar bookstores” Koefler stated. Two of her favorite authors include Graham Greene and C.S. Lewis. Nicole also enjoys relaxing and just simply enjoying music. She favors a wide variety of music, including artists such as “Everything, Everything,” “Tune-Yards” and “Baths.”

      Nicole is a second-year psychology major with a theology minor. After she graduates college, she aspires to do research somewhere in one of those two respective fields. When coming to Eastern, she was set on delving into these fields of study. “The human psyche and just people, in general, have always really interested me” Koefler stated.

      Nicole is also part of the Templeton Honors College here at Eastern. She was attracted to the Socratic style of learning featured in the college and really enjoys much of the literature that is read in the honors college classes. She really enjoys the quaint nature of not only the campus but also the classroom. When asked, “What is one thing that Eastern really excels in?” she said, “The professors are really something exceptional and how much they care about each and every student is really shown through their personable interactions.”

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