People of Eastern: Colyn Hoffer

      Colyn Hoffer is a Sophomore Biology:   Pre-Med major from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Hoffer wears many hats at Eastern: one of the main ones is a baseball hat. He is a right handed pitcher for Eastern’s baseball team. He first picked up a baseball when he was around five years old and has been playing ever since.

      “My favorite baseball memory was easily my first home run. I was 11 years old at Sports at the Beach, and I hit one dead center. My best friend actually hit his first one in the same game, and it was the best feeling in the world. Plus my dad was there and had the biggest smile on his face. I will never forget that feeling,” Hoffer stated.

      In addition to being on the baseball team, Hoffer is also in the Templeton’s Honor College and enjoys it because it is a challenge. He is also an RA in Sparrowk and a part of Campus Crusaders for Christ (CRU). His faith is the foundation for everything he does here at Eastern. Hoffer states, “At the end of the day, your faith is like your base. I learn more about my faith and myself everyday.”

      Hoffer’s favorite place is El Salvador, not only because of the beauty of the country, but also because it is where he discovered his passion for helping kids. “There was this kid named Fernando, that really grabbed my heart. I promised him that I would be back one day, so I will be going back,” Hoffer stated.

      Because of his passion for helping kids, his goal is to be a pediatrician one day. “I want to be a role model for kids. There is a huge percent of kids that grow up without a father figure, and for the 10-15 minutes I spend with them, I just want to be like a father to them and love them and be there for them. Even if I can change just one kid, it would all be worth it,” Hoffer stated.

      Hoffer would want to thank his mom and his Godmother for where he is today. “My mom is like my best friend. And my Godmother played a big role in my life, she was the one who told me that I could do anything I wanted in life and supported my dreams. Even though she passed away a while ago, memories of her still stick with me today,” Hoffer stated.

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