People of Eastern: Cody Fox

      Cody   Fox first heard of Eastern University from a now retired admissions counselor, Paul Charles. After hearing about the illustrious Summer Scholars Program featured at Eastern, Cody embarked on the 2000-mile journey all the way from Arizona to be a part of the program in 2015. Taking a gap year after that summer, Cody was invigorated by his love for discussion and philosophy, which made him decide to join us at Eastern as a member of the Cohort of 2017.

      Cody comes from Chandler, Arizona and leaves behind a family of six, a loving mother, hopeful father, three younger sisters, as well as his pet coyote, Cicero. In Arizona, Cody graduated from the Chandler Preparatory Academy, a charter school specializing in a liberal arts education. During his time at Chandler Prep, he was a prolific member of the debate team, the hide and seek club, and the German club. He won a 1st place at the Lincoln Douglass Debate State tournament in 2015. He also achieved 2nd place on the National German Exam in 2014.

      In his spare time, Cody likes listening to music from artists such as EDEN, Stevie Wonder and Panic at the Disco. He also enjoys spelunking, fletching, and photography. Cody is a second-year philosophy major who intends to attend graduate school after his time at Eastern. He hopes one day become a college professor at a small foreign university.

      Cody really enjoys the small class sizes here at Eastern as it helps him grow closer to his peers and his professors. The socratic style of learning that is featured in the Templeton Honors College has really made an impression on him. When asked, what is the most memorable experience you have had at Eastern so far, his reply was, “I have had a myriad of memorable experiences and it is quite hard to choose just one, but one underlying similarity in all those experiences is the great friends that I have shared those memories with.”

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