In My Mind

A creative writing piece

No matter how much
You replay in my brain
You are now only a piece of film tape
And I’m the lens
Trapped inside the camera
Searching for something to capture
A beautiful moment, a breathtaking view
But no matter how much I seek
They slip through me like sleep
Now I’m lost in the dark
By my own fault
I succumb to that stiff stupor
I remember, how easily I could fade
Into the twilight sky
That was your eyes
Now since we’ve parted ways
You’re like a snowflake
That melts as soon
As it touches your skin
And I’m a pebble
Washed back into the sea
Turned and swirled over
In the foaming waves
But somehow,
Though I’m rough inside
I’m polished
On the outside
Bent but not broken
Cracked but not shattered
And so through the space and time
I will keep you
In the last text I sent
Not to crumble or gather dust
But to ferment like cheese and wine
A memory
To become more savory with time
And I will remember the
Taste of your lips on mine
Though shadows shift around me
And the wind lifts its voice
Though the sunsets’ brilliant colors
Are now a cold harsh gray
Even so
I will stay
I will fight
I will seek and find
What I’ve been searching for
All this time

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