Author: Elle Perrin


Sacred Spots: Students Reflect on Their Havens

It’s that time of year when the cool fall breeze rustles the quickly changing leaves, and laughter and chatter rises from all around campus. It is also the time when students realize that they need a getaway from the stress and pressure of upcoming midterms, massive research papers, and all […]


Ode to Fall

A creative writing piece Fall is a pumpkin spice latte Happiness in a cup Fall is curling up by a bonfire Enclosed in a thick, warm hoodie Fall is the lily-padded pond, the old stone The gurgling streams Of my university Fall is the birdsong and the crunchy leaves A […]


In My Mind

A creative writing piece No matter how much You replay in my brain You are now only a piece of film tape And I’m the lens Trapped inside the camera Searching for something to capture A beautiful moment, a breathtaking view But no matter how much I seek They slip […]