Early Eagles: Students who arrived to campus early

Allison Cox
Allison Cox Waltonian | The Waltonian
The early bird may get the worm, but the early Eastern Eagle gets so much more.

Several groups of students, including resident assistants (RAs), student chaplains, fall athletes, fall teaching assistants (TAs), Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) first year students and members of campus ministries, arrived on campus early this semester. These students have been working hard together, preparing for all that the upcoming semester is sure to hold.

In order to get a better idea of what these students have been up to, I asked a few of them to talk about what arriving early was like and what exactly they have been doing since they first set foot on campus.

Allison Cox, member of Habitat for Humanity and an INST150 TA, said that she liked moving in, unpacking and getting settled in early. She described it as a “nice way to transition into the new semester,” pointing out that this is more manageable when there are less people on campus. Cox also mentioned that she was busy during this time, between training with the other campus ministries, which involved figuring out their goals and vision for the school year, and preparing for her TA position.

Brooke Scott
Brooke Scott Waltonian | The Waltonian
Brooke Scott, student chaplain and INST150 TA, commented that being on campus early had a “very different feel to it.” She explained that she especially enjoyed being at Eastern while she did not have to worry about classes. Scott elaborated that she was busy with student chaplain training, decorating the chaplain board in her residence hall and helping students move in. She also met the students in her INST150 section, and in her free time, she had fun “hanging out with the roomie.”

Sarah Shulman, member of Turning Point, said that she liked moving in early because it was quieter and more relaxing before the rush of students arrived. Shulman explained that she was busy rehearsing with her group every morning and afternoon. In her spare time, she hung out with the other members. She joked that her life primarily consisted of eating, sleeping and rehearsing during this time.

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