An Open Letter to a Beloved Group of Co-Workers

Dear Work-Study family, Hey fam! 


How are we doing? All summer I waited patiently to be back in the offi ce, and I couldn’t be happier to be sitting in the ugly black chair behind the desk. I found our department freshman year after searching for internships, and I have come to call this weird little place home. 

Whether I need a quiet place to study, a place to relieve my anxiety, a place to chat with friends or a place to make some extra cash, you are always here. Before working here, I never truly loved my job, but now I’m excited when my shift rolls around. Seeing everyone’s smiling faces when I walk in and sitting in the terribly squeaky chair behind the desk is the highlight of my week. 

Outside of work, this place is my safe place. When we aren’t working, we can have the weirdest conversations that always make me laugh. I will never forget talking about early 2000’s cereal with everyone’s favorite chaplain or watching Grey’s Anatomy as we scrambled to finish an event. When I need a place to cool down after I’m feeling anxious, the office door is always open and stocked with candy. There is a reason that so many people come to visit even when they don’t have appointments; our office is a little happy haven that accepts everyone with open arms. 

The best part about this job, though, is the strides I have made academically and professionally. Scrolling through our special website, I found the internship I always wanted. 

You all encouraged me when I missed shifts to be an intern and cheered me on in the daunting task that is the job search. My resume and LinkedIn profile have been boosted because of our resume wizard, and I highly recommend everyone giving her a visit.


Love always, 

The shortest girl in the office

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