To My Cat: Bonnie

By: Katherine Seeley

Waltonian | The Waltonian Source: Katherine Seeley

Since thanksgiving is around the corner, I would like to thank someone very special to me…my cat. I have had her since freshman year of high school and she is my best friend. Her name is Bonnie and we are not sure what kind of cat she is but she is gray black and white with tan specks in her fur. She likes to hide from me but she is always there when I need to cry or need some sort of support. She is always a lending ear because I will always rant to her, even though she hates to be around people. 

Whenever we are sick, she is right by our side and I admire that about her. When my mom had covid bad, Bonnie stuck with her the whole time and did not leave. She was making sure my mom was okay because she knew something was up.

 It was crazy to see how Bonnie stayed with her for a majority of the day because of how bad my mom had it. She may not be a people person but she is always there when we need her. Through family crisis, health crisis, emotional turmoil or even the smallest inconveniences which lead to me being upset, she is always with me.

She has been with me through the toughest times. Whenever I am sad, she will let me pet her because she can sense I am upset. She will always barge in my room and look at me to check up on me when I am home. I would like to thank her for being an amazing animal and an amazing support even though she gets annoyed by me. Life with her is great and she can never disappoint me. She is my emotional support animal and I love her dearly.

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