The Spotlight: Alyssa Cronauer

Eastern junoir, communication 

studies major Cronauer 

loves to snowboard like 

White…just for 


WALTONIAN: What sport are you most looking forward to watching and why?

Alyssa: Snowboarding for sure, both because I snowboard and because those events are high-paced and high-risk!


WALT: Shaun white won’t be competing in slope- 

 style this season. Health move, or calculated?

AC: Definitely a health move. Even though he is new to

slopestyle he would definitely have been a fierce competi-

tor. It’s better that he chose to avoid injury and focus on

winning his third gold in halfpipe.


WALT: What’s your favorite past Olympic memory?

AC: The opening ceremonies in China a few years back were something I will never forget!


WALT: How do you feel about Russia being the 

Olympic host country?

AC: I believe that Russia has as much right to host as

any other country. If we as the US expect others to

allow us to host and not gruff about our policies

and cultures, then we should extend the same

courtesy. It’s about sports anyway, not




WALT: If you could add a new sport 

to the Winter Olympics, what would 

it be and why?

AC: I’m not sure there are any winter

sports not in the Olympics! They cover

everything from mountain sports, shooting,

ice sports (including curling!). I think I would

leave it just the way it is, for now.

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