Study Tips: EU students share their best study tips for a successful year.

By: Katherine Seeley

When it comes to studying, it can be hard to get into it. Everyone is different when it comes to studying but I want to share a few of my study tips that help me! 

Depending on when the test is, I try to study in advance. If it is a major test, I like to make my life easier by slowly chipping away at the study guide or highlighting the terms in my notes. If the test is soon, I will print out my notes and highlight with different colors the sections I need to know. I definitely recommend using different colors of pen or highlighter because it helps me remember and keeps me motivated. If I am filling out a study guide I put my phone on do not disturb. This helps eliminate distractions and it makes me feel disconnected from the world which is helpful when it comes to studying. 

After I put it on do not disturb, I try and put it far from my reach so I am not tempted to pick it up and see what I missed or who texted me. After that, I find the study guide(depending on which class) and fill that out with the answers which can usually be found in my notes or the powerpoints. Once that is done, I create a quizlet for them and study for at least an hour. When that hour is up, I take a break to go on my phone or eat depending on what time it is. To keep myself energized and motivated, I grab another iced coffee and drink that while taking my “brain break”. I tend to sit on my phone for an hour, so it is an hour of studying and an hour of taking a break. I continue doing this until it reaches 9 o’clock. That is when I stop all homework and studying because sleeping is a huge part of my study routine. Sometimes, if I feel really underprepared, I will rewrite my notes over and over again because it helps me feel like I am being productive and helps me remember.

I hope these studying tips will help you in your future studying adventures!

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