Restaurant Review- Minella’s Diner

There is nothing like the classic American diner. Minella’s Diner in Wayne, PA is proof of this. Minella’s reminiscent of the diners of the 1960s, and yet, provides a modern setting. It is open 24 hours a day, making it a spot that many college and night shift workers stop at to get a meal that is quick, but good.

When I first arrived at Eastern I was looking for a nice diner to go to with a few friends, and when I heard of Minella’s, I decided it was worth trying. It proved to be a great time. They have a wide variety food, ranging from hot and cold sandwiches to seafood and steaks. Their meals are usually well portioned, with more than enough for one meal. This is great for college students who want to have a snack for later on in the day.

The family orientated atmosphere of the diner is great. When customers walk into Minella’s, they are greeted with a simile, and treated well. The prices are reasonable, which is nice if one wants to get off campus.

Whether you are out on a date, or just looking for a place to stop and get something to eat, this diner is a great spot to do just that.

One Comment

  1. FYI: Allie Inch and Maria Horining had breakfast in Minella’s the moring of 2012’s Gratuation! They are both Coaches on Campus now!