Reflection on Modern American Halloween

      From Jack-o-lanterns to hoping that your dead relatives stop by, Halloween has gone through a major change throughout the centuries. This major change is especially true in America from trick-or-treating to egging houses on Mischief Night. For college students, Halloween involves streaming movies on Netflix, decorating houses, and creating costumes. This is prevalent at a college like Eastern University, where the residents of Wayne, are known to give out full sized candy bars.

      Halloween in America is traditionally marked with the rise of costume sales, the endless television commercials for Party City, and the almost non-stop repeat of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller”. One holiday tradition involves going to Haunted houses, where friends compete to see who can hold in their screams, trying not to admit they’re scared. One of the most extreme haunted houses in the U.S. is Mckamey Manor. Located San Diego, California, this house promises a full eight hours of vomit, confinement in small spaces and having physical encounters. This is where the waiver comes in handy.

      Participants must consent to have all the items described above done to them if they wish to participate. Despite all this, many people are still eager to try it as there is quite a long waiting list. If you are looking for a more Christian-version of a haunted house than try Hell Houses. These houses, while controversial, attempt to use the scare tactics when dealing with modern-day issues to make people turn to God. I would not recommend visiting one, but there are plenty of clips on YouTube that feature over-the-top acting and bad special effects. From trick-or-treating to haunted houses, America has made Halloween all its own. Just remember to bob for apples and carve some jack-o-lanterns to relish the spooky holiday.

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