Four-Year Plan

Whether waiting until the last minute is your thing or you are a hyper-organized, motivated job-seeker, Sarah and Noelle have some advice for you. Here is their ideal year-by-year plan for a college student to be as prepared as possible coming out of undergrad.

Freshman Year: The first year of college, Todd and Brown say, is all about “figuring out where you fit.” This especially means looking into the different majors offered at Eastern and ironing out which you enjoy the most or which suits you best. First-years should also be conscious of interacting with members of the community to build relationships and start forming a network of connections.

Sophomore Year: This year, according to Brown, can often become a lost year by students not thinking far enough into the future. Students should be exploring their field (since most students have decided on a major by this year), seeing what options are available. It is also a good idea to start looking for an internship this year and begin talking to people in your field. As Brown puts it, “Networking is no longer optional.”

Junior Year: Students’ resumes should be beginning to take shape by this year, with extracuricular activities, a major/degree being pursued, as well as skill sets and qualifications. If a student has not completed an internship yet, this is a good year to do so. This year is less about exploration, and more about gaining practical experience in your field of study.

Senior Year: Senior year used to be all about looking for a job. However, in today’s crowded and ever-changing job market, Todd believes students should instead be asking, “What is going to be my first destination?” Students should not only be looking for jobs (obviously), but also for graduate schools, volunteer opportunities, missions and other ways to get into their field of study and at the very least get their foot in the door to set themselves up for future success.

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