A Spring Break to Remember: A Math-Filled Spring Break

      Over spring break, the Faculty of Eastern are still on campus. Eric McCloy, our wonderful Chief Information Officer (CIO), was here, working hard, as we were relaxing.

      “I did a lot of math,” McCloy said.

      He spent most of Spring Break getting everything ready for the big password changes we’ve been getting emails about (APRIL 12th!). He was doing a lot of math to come up with the 16 characters we all have to change to.

      He and a few other faculty members did a Pickle Run, in which they had to predict their race time. This is their third Pickle Run this year, and although they tried very hard to match their pace times to get first, second, and third place, they didn’t succeed (even with McCloy’s math!). They were right in a row though, they just set a faster pace!

      McCloy also got to have brunch with his wife over Break, and since he doesn’t get to see her as often during work when we’re all here, it was good time! He also spent a good portion of the break retraining his dog, Lucy. Lucy is all over McCloy’s Twitter. He and his wife had to work out a new schedule so that she could make it through the night and not wake them up at 2 a.m. because she needs to go out!

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