A Day at the Fair

By: Marin Dremock

One of my favorite fall activities takes place in the early months of autumn. It’s a local fair that everyone in my area of Pennsylvania flocks to attend. The Bloomsburg Fair is the biggest fall event of the year. From food vendors like the Benton Cider Mill, Vance’s Apple Dumplings (with Penn State Creamery Ice Cream!) and Denny and Pearl’s Pizza to agricultural and horticultural harvest prizes, the Bloomsburg Fair is a collection of autumn awesomeness. My family and I have a tradition of guessing the weight of the first prize pumpkin in the horticulture building. The Fair is nostalgic for me; as a kid, I loved specific animals and areas of the fair. These loves carried over to my adulthood. My favorite animals to see as a kid were the goats, and I still gravitate to the goats when I get to the livestock section of the fairgrounds. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go to the fair this year, but I will make a conscious effort to find out when Fair Week is and attend as much as I can in the future.

Waltonian | The Waltonian Source: Devlin Hyde

That being said, any time there is a local fair or fair-type food, I recommend you attend the fair or get some food. There is nothing better than a hot or cold cup of apple cider and a funnel cake with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Fall is fair season, and every autumn I want to go back to my roots and experience the joys of the Bloomsburg Fair. The sounds, smells and sights of the Fair are the aspects of fall I enjoy the most.

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