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Shining a Light in a World of Darkness: Insight on the good news of our world today.

Our world seems to be infiltrated by an abundance of darkness. The news is flooded with stories of death, hopelessness, poverty, and oppression. However, in a world full of darkness, there is a force constantly working against it – a force that travels over 186,000 miles per second. That force […]

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Top 6 Shows to Watch in Isolation: Some “not-so-popular” shows to spice up your quarantine boredom.

Finding shows on Netflix can be difficult on its own, adding extra time on our hands can make it almost impossible to find something binge-worthy. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am pretty sure I have watched more shows in these past 10 months than I have […]

Quarantine has made the majority of people itch for a

change in scenery. While many people may not be com-
fortable traveling and staying at hotels, national parks or camping trips are a great solution.
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The Art of Travelling: Insight on the best ways to plan your next trip.

I am writing this as I am quarantined in my room, dreaming of the open roads, the mountains, the long hikes and the smell of campfires. When it comes to traveling, it is much more than just packing a suitcase and showing up. Traveling is an art, from budgeting to […]

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To Be or Not To Be: A reflection on the intersection of faith and politics.

Faith and politics: a controversy quite familiar to many Americans. Should the church and state be kept separate? Or should they be intertwined? Should Christians be involved in politics? Or should they stand back? As American citizens, it is our duty to be involved in politics. Yes, our duty. As […]

All About Absentee Ballots: Exercising the right to vote in the midst of a pandemic.
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All About Absentee Ballots: Exercising the right to vote in the midst of a pandemic.

American citizens are given a right that is undeniably significant and that shouldn’t take it for granted. According to the United States Census Bureau, only about 45 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds registered to vote actually vote and according to College factual, that age range makes up 61.8 percent of […]

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Five Things to Know About Reducing Plastic Waste on Campus: Why and how you should take care of the environment at school.

It’s noon and your stomach is rumbling, so you walk over to Walton to grab some lunch. You get a burger and fries and then a salad. Already you have two plastic to- go containers and a plastic pack of utensils, of which you are only going to use the […]

Eastern University’s Fitness Center allows for students
and athletes alike to push themselves in their respective areas of fitness training.
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The Art of Exercising: An insight on the craft of all types of exercise.

I never used to exercise. Personally, I preferred reading a book, doing a craft or watching television. Why would I want to physically exert energy when I could just lay in bed all day? This was my mindset until I wanted to make my high school field hockey team. I […]

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Life in Gallup B: How a once solitary residence hall is building community together

From waking up to the sounds of roof work and fire alarms to having broken air conditioners and ants crawling along the windowsills, life in Gallup B couldn’t be better. The Gallup residence hall is split into four buildings, each with four floors. The first floor is apartments and the […]