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People of Eastern: Meet Tomi Alarape, a freshman seeking to bring justice to his community.

Lover of words, music, and history, Tomi Alarape is a first-year student at Eastern University whose presence contains bountiful levels of laughter and wisdom. Originally from New Jersey, Alarape came to Eastern “through the wise words of my youth pastor Dave Charnick, an alumni of Eastern,” Alarape explained. His youth […]

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Man Shot in Denver Rallies

On Oct. 10th, right-wing and left-wing rallies transpired at close proximity with each other in Denver’s Civic Center Park. At 1:30 p.m., the self-proclaimed “Denver Communists,” held a BLM-Antifa Soup Drive; meanwhile, the self-proclaimed “Patriot Muster” held a Patriot Rally at 2:00 p.m. in a nearby location. According to The […]

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People of Eastern: Get to know Derek Hamer, a junior with a compelling story.

The riveting reasons behind each college student’s choice of study involves countless passions, stories and yearnings. Derek Hamer, a junior at Eastern University, exemplifies the beauty of integrating passions and personal stories into a choice of study. As a Social Work major, Hamer has experience in giving and receiving compassion, […]

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day: How people around the country are celebrating Indigenous history and culture.

The rich history and vast contributions of Native Americans has echoed throughout the soil of the United States long before explorer’s ships arrived on the shorelines. Despite this, in 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated Columbus Day as a national holiday that celebrated this historical figure’s voyage to America hundreds […]

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Co-Ed Grow Group: Inside Eastern’s newest movement toward student inclusivity.

Among the various weekly occurrences at Eastern, whether that be Chapel, club meetings, or Wednesday Night Worship, Grow Group aims to establish community within each residence hall and to openly be in one another’s presence while focusing on Christ. Recently, Grow Group’s goal of establishing community and conversation surrounding Christ […]

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Turning Point keeps on singing: A look at the choir’s newest members as they waved their graduates goodbye.

While well-known for their beautiful sounds and performances, Turning Point (TP) dives into the world of music with awareness and appreciation towards their fellow members and the pieces in which they work on. TP differs from the other choirs on Eastern’s campus because of the smaller size, the challenging repertoire, […]

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Navigating COVID-19 Class Schedules: Tips for staying on track and connected despite new class formats.

Thrust into a world of Zoom and face masks, it is reasonable to assume that many students are overwhelmed by the new transition of a heavily online-based semester. Online classes, hybrid classes, in-person classes, and extracurricular activities require students to acquire new class and time management formats in a manner […]