Navigating COVID-19 Class Schedules: Tips for staying on track and connected despite new class formats.

Thrust into a world of Zoom and face masks, it is reasonable to assume that many students are overwhelmed by the new transition of a heavily online-based semester. Online classes, hybrid classes, in-person classes, and extracurricular activities require students to acquire new class and time management formats in a manner that may feel daunting and unfamiliar. In order to ease possible apprehension, there are ways to manage the new learning environment we are entangled in.

Without in-person reminders from instructors to complete certain assignments or study for given assessments, it can become hard to keep track of what tasks need to be completed. Additionally, for hybrid classes, confusion may arise regarding the days in which classes will be meeting in-person. By writing everything down, individuals will remember the upcoming task better while having it serve as a reminder. Even simple tasks, such as picking up a package from the mail center, can be written down to ensure completion. Checking off tasks once they are completed will nurture the feeling of accomplishment and relief that one has successfully adhered to the day’s duties. Specifically, since some or all classes may be online, it may help to use the “Google Calendar” setting within your email account to electronically schedule and set reminders for oneself. In using this feature, one will be alerted when assignments and activities are taking place. Overall, intentionally setting aside time to write down tasks can make the process of online-learning a lot less intimidating than it needs to be.

While the logistics of remaining on-task are important to attend to, it is equally important to find creative ways to engage with others during online classes, hybrid classes, in-person classes, and extracurricular activities. Using apps, such as Spotify, to create a collaboration of studying or recreational playlists with fellow classmates can help spread a feeling of connectedness among physical separation. By having one student create the playlist, and other students recommending songs to make up the playlist, a sense of connectedness and camaraderie in the academic setting will be reignited. Furthermore, students can listen to the songs whenever and wherever while learning about their fellow classmates’ musical interests. Time management and handling one’s responsibilities directly is undeniably important. However, it is also valuable to establish friendships and creativity throughout times of separation.

Feelings of apprehension are understandably heightened within this online-based academic semester. The use of recording daily tasks can aid students in remembering and completing the duties for
the day. Moreover, the creation of a class playlist can aid creativity and community within a physically separated academic setting. This semester may feel different, but there are many ways to find connections and academic success.

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