Author: Jordan Kolb


Faith Focus: A Reflection on Lent

      Before we can discuss the nature of Lent, we must first discuss why it is important that Lent is a season. To say that something is a season is to say that it is part of an ever-changing cycle—e.g., winter, spring, summer, fall and so forth. The […]

Center Spread

The Walt-Onion

EASTERN SET TO LAUNCH FOOTBALL PROGRAM by Anthony Barr and Jordan Kolb       Last week, Eastern announced that on April 1 it will launch a new plan to develop a football program. Recruiting for the upcoming school year is already underway, and the program is expected to increase […]


On Education and Moral Formation

      All schools shape students in particular ways because every school is built on value judgments about what is good. Public school systems are generally centered on ideas about what people ought to know and be capable of in order to be productive citizens. Prep schools and other […]


Salary Gaps and the Role of Faculty

     Most college students can think of at least one professor who has significantly impacted their college experience, perhaps by asking challenging questions, introducing engaging new concepts or offering personal or academic support. The professors I’ve encountered at Eastern are one of the defining points of my college experience–perhaps […]