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Biden Administration Strives to End Title 42 Restrictions: Title 42 restrictions allowed for increased expulsion of immigrants at the southern border.

The Biden administration has taken action to end the Title 42 restrictions which allowed migrants to be quickly expelled at the southern border. The restrictions had been put in place by the Trump administration in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. The Biden administration is now intending to return to the […]

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Politics Should Get the Heck Out of Sports!: Over the past few years politics has become more present in sports.

Whether it was Colin Kaepernick or The Washington Redskins, political ideas have more and more begun to slip into sports. You can’t watch a game without noticing a colored flag or a small slogan representing a political cause or ideology. Sports teams have chosen to change their names, and many […]

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Mental Health in Professional Sports: Basketball player Ben Simmons has not played in about a year citing mental health.

Of late, mental health has become a hot button topic in sports due to recent revelations from players, with the most recent coming from 76ers star Ben Simmons. While some are shocked by this, I do not find it surprising. Sports are a high pressure environment. Think about what other […]

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The Freedom Convoy Takes Ottowa:​​ Canadian truckers rally together outside of the Canadian Parliament to protest mask and vaccine mandates.

On Feb. 6th, Ottawa Mayor declared a state of emergency in the capital of Canada. Since the previous weekend, Ottawa’s streets have been jammed with tractor trailers, which is preventing people from entering and exiting the downtown area. They call themselves, “The Freedom Convoy.”  Not only this, during the previous […]