ETHELS: The club’s spring party!

On Thursday, I had the privilege of attending ETHELS’s swing dance party. Because I was attending that night as a reporter and not just a dancer, I will attempt to be as impartial as possible—although I think ETHELS is one of the best clubs on campus (sorry, I had to slip that in).

  As all reporters should, I got to the event a half hour late, and the party was already in full swing (no pun intended). It was a Greek mythology themed party, and so the walls were hung with greenery and handmade symbols of various Greek gods, and many toga clad individuals were waltzing around the room. Honestly, some of the costumes were quite good, and some were very authentic. I am thinking of the bare chested toga wearer in particular. 

  As a reporter should, I immediately went to the snack table to sample all the food. I want it to be noted that they had some of the best grapes I have ever tasted. I don’t know if they were Greek, I don’t even know if they were organic, but they sure tasted good. While I was gorging myself with grapes, the dancers continued to whirl around the room to very Greek songs like Rockin’ Robin. The party was very dimly lit. The only light came from the little lights strung from the ceiling, and so it was difficult to see anything. Actually, the first time I danced, I crashed my partner into someone else. All reporters should try to fully understand what they are reporting on, and I took this motto to heart by trying to dance with as many people as possible. Sadly, as I said, I arrived late, and because it was dark, it was hard to remember who I had and hadn’t danced with, and so I cannot say I danced with everyone, but I did try my hardest. I tried for almost half an hour to dance with the Waltonian photographer, but he is the most stubborn anti-dancer I have ever met. I would have sworn he was a Baptist, except for the fact that I know he is Orthodox.  

At one point in the evening, I got to dance with an actual dance major. When I apologized for my bad dancing, or more accurately, the non-existence of my dancing, she said, “As long as you’re moving, you are dancing.” I am not sure if this quote is a profound insight on the nature of dance, or if it was just a half hearted attempt to make me feel better about myself. 

All in all, it was quite a wonderful party, even if I failed at getting drunk on the non-alcoholic grape juice. Near the end of the evening we danced a chaotic Greek wedding dance, and by the time I left, I was feeling quite Greek. If you missed it, too bad for you; events like this are not things you run across on a weekly basis. 


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