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RAs in Sparrowk happily greeted new students at the
beginning of the semester on Move-In Day.
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An Open Letter to RAs: Giving RAs gratitude for all they are doing this semester.

This semester has not been easy on any of us, but I think it’s safe to say that your semesters have been extra rough. Not only do you have to juggle the responsibilities of being a full-time student while making your halls a fun and safe place to be, but […]

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Reframing Resources: How local programs are changing perceptions of college students getting help with mental health issues.

Now more than ever, taking care and being aware of your health is crucial with the pandemic numbers beginning to rise again. However, health is not simply physical; it’s also important to recognize what help you need in terms of your mental health. Asking for help when struggling with mental […]

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History Made in the NFL: Women are on both sidelines and the field for the first time in NFL history.

Football is widely considered to be a man’s sport. There are no professional women’s football leagues that are as recognized and esteemed as the NFL, but that doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in the sport or capable of participating in it in some way. Sarah Thomas, for example, has […]

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The Show Must Go On, Even Through COVID: How Eastern University’s Theatre Department is performing with new regulations due to COVID-19.

Social distancing guidelines and regulations have closed theatres all across the country for the foreseeable future. That means no more Broadway shows and no more community productions until COVID-19 is long gone. Eastern’s own theatre department, however, is still going strong in the midst of this pandemic. Regulations have been […]

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A Happy Homecoming: Eastern University celebrates its students and alumni amidst COVID-19.

Every academic year brings in new students to Eastern University’s campus, and every academic year also brings about the recognition of the students who came before during the homecoming celebration. As with many on-campus activities, homecoming looked a bit different this year due to restrictions and guidelines the school has […]

The swan that lives in Walton Pond swims around peacefully all day long.
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An Open Letter to the Swan in Walton Pond: A reflection on nature and friendship.

Let me begin by asking, how are you? I see you on my daily walks around campus, swimming around in the pond with barely a care, and I wonder if you know what the state of the world’s been like. Can you tell when students come to sit on the […]

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That Fall Feeling: Tips on staying cozy and embracing the autumn season while staying on campus.

September 22 brought the first official day of fall, and the leaves are starting to change and temperatures are dropping to match. With the scenery around campus changing to brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds, it’s not hard to get excited about the autumn season. After all, autumn has Halloween, Thanksgiving, […]

“Stuck With U” was released on May 8, 2020, reflecting on being with your significant other during quarantine. The song had 108,000 downloads six days after it was released.

Music in Quarantine: How the most relevant artists continued their creation in isolation.

Quarantine hasn’t been easy for many, and it would have been even more difficult without music from our favorite artists on repeat. While many musicians were unable to have live performances or fan gatherings for months at a time, quite a few artists were working hard on new music while […]

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Setting Yourself Up For Success: A senior shares what she wishes she knew as a first-year.

Your freshman year is exciting, full of possibilities and opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. For many of you, it’s your first time living away from home, and this independence is equally as daunting as it is rewarding. There are so many newfound responsibilities, time commitments, and […]

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Arts as Stress Relief: How to use the arts in these stressful times

There’s a lot to be stressed about right now. We’re starting a new semester in the midst of the pandemic and having to deal with all of the ups and downs that go along with that. As easy as it may be to get bogged down by all of the […]