Author: Erin Zak

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Eastern Tuition Plan for Military Students: Recognizing students in the military, Eastern announces new tuition price.

Being in the military is incredibly hard work, and that is quite the understatement. It takes bravery, strength, determination, loyalty, and dedication to serve and protect our country. It takes even more to pursue a degree at the same time. That is why Eastern University has made the decision to […]

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Mental Health Mondays: A look into the new workshops aimed to inform students, faculty, and staff about mental health.

Recently, mental health has been talked about more and more, especially as we’re learning about how much it affects behavior, mood, and performance in work, school, social settings, and self-esteem. Eastern’s brand new Mental Heath Mondays workshops are meant for everyone at Eastern to learn about different topics surrounding mental […]

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Behind the Scenes of Sunday Worship: OneGeneration leader, Xeyah Martin, discusses what it looks like to plan and participate in their Sunday worship services.

With restrictions on leaving campus this semester as well as different churches having different reopening plans and policies, for many on campus going to church on Sundays has become increasingly complicated. While many students on campus have been participating in virtual church services, the general consensus seems to be that […]