Articles written by: Erin Zak


HAHA Week and a Human View of Homelessness: Inside how YACHT celebrated National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

Nov. 16 to Nov. 24 is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, and one organization on campus, Youth Against Complacency and Homelessness Today (YACHT) has planned an entire week of events centered on raising awareness for these issues. “This week is mainly centered around putting a human face to those […]


Turning Point: An interview with a member of the University’s touring choir.

If you’ve attended chapel or one of Eastern’s Arts Showcases or concerts, then you’ve probably heard the lovely performances put on by Turning Point.  Turning Point is Eastern’s audition-only choir, performing at events both on and off campus. With classes, schoolwork, and multiple performances a semester, the members of Turning […]


A New Chapter: A senior graduating in December reflects on Eastern experience and looks ahead to the future.

For some students, their undergraduate education experience won’t be ending in May like the majority of seniors’ will.  Instead, they will be graduating and moving on in December.  One of these seniors is Christian Mendoza-Laude, a General Music major with a concentration in Music Composition. Mendoza-Laude came to Eastern at […]

Eastern University, with the help of Kimberlee Johnson, has started an educational funding program for incarcerated people

Eastern’s Prison Education Program: Dr. Kimberlee Johnson launches a Prison Education Program where incarcerated persons will have the opportunity to earn college credit.

There are about 2.3 million people in prisons all across the country, 95% of which will be released in their lifetime.  But what will happen to them when they go back home?  They’ll need to find jobs, and many employers are wary of hiring people who have served time in […]


The Art of Science: A reflection on how even human bodies can be works of art.

It’s early in the morning, and the children are just getting settled in at summer camp, sitting in rows in the middle of a room that’s empty except for a fold-up table and a few plastic chairs.  The room is warm and humid, it being the middle of summer and […]


A FastPass Summer: Are the online summer classes worth your time?

This summer marked the first year of Eastern University’s new summer learning program called FastPass. Through FastPass, students are able to take two online summer courses each year they are enrolled as an undergraduate student. Both classes are free of charge. Students only need to pay for their books and […]


Inklings Literary Magazine: Where writers can come together and work towards publication.

      It’s no secret that Eastern University has a wide variety of clubs and activities for students, making it nearly impossible to stay up to date with all of them, and Inklings is a club that may have slipped under the radar for the majority of Eastern students. […]


New Athlethic Director Announced

      Eastern University has made several changes in the past year, including a new president, new meal plan options, new turf fields, and a new director of the campus’ Athletic Department.       Meet Eric McNeely, men’s basketball coach and Director of the Athletic Department.  Mr. McNeeley […]


Inside the Hub: Registrar merges into the Mall Cottage

      For years, the Janet Long Mall Cottage in the center of campus has been home to both the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices, but this summer, there was a big change made to the Mall Cottage that affects all Eastern students and faculty alike. Now known […]