Becoming Long Distance in a Pandemic: Features editor Erin Zak writes a letter to her not so long distance partner.

Dear My Long-Distance Love,

Though we’re not really long distance – you’re just a few miles away – this year has certainly felt like we live several states apart. I know it’s not what we pictured a year ago: going on picnics in the park, having board game marathons on weekends, and making homemade pizza as we dance to Disney songs when I inevitably get tired of eating in the Dining Commons day after day. We’ve replaced all of that with nightly video calls and sending each other encouraging messages and memes throughout the day.

It’s definitely not the same, but I am so grateful that we have made it work during this odd whirlwind of a year with all of its ups and downs. I am grateful that I get to hear about your day: the good, the bad, and the mundane parts of working and studying from home. I am grateful that you are always there for a phone call when I get stressed and discouraged. I am grateful that despite the challenges, we have grown stronger together.

While I cannot wait to spend time with you in person again, I think I will always look back at this time with some level of fondness and appreciation, as crazy as it sounds. It hasn’t been easy for either of us (or any other couple in our situation, I’m sure), but we still loved and supported each other through it all, and that to me makes it all worth it.

So while I am here, and while you are there, know that whatever distance – big or small – between us is not enough to keep me from letting you know how much you mean to me.


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