Author: Eliza Brown


Eastern Welcomes Crowder: American Prodigal

       On Friday, David Crowder payed Eastern University and the St. Davids area a visit for his American Prodigal tour. It was an evening of worship — one that brought the community together for one greater purpose: to give Christ our all. The evening was kicked off with […]


Love and Roommate-ship

      There is in life that for which we all live: love. Of course there are different types of love, different definitions of love, and different understandings of love. But one of the most sought-after, and often the most treasured, is the love that grows friendship: “philia,” brotherly […]


“LUTHER”: Reformation on the Stage

      The life of 16th century German monk, Martin Luther,  impacted the way we think about life, justice, freedom, and religion. This rich history from centuries past lives on today, specifically through the gifted actors, singers, musicians, and directors of the pop oratorio commissioned by the German government […]


Qualities In Student Leadership

      Not every leader has all of the best leadership qualities. I learned this as I, the president of a campus ministry, sat in the row directly in front of the speaker we’d been working months to bring to campus, and realized I didn’t want to introduce her. […]


Keeping Art Alive

      There is a deep sense of pride when one is doing something that explores or carries on a family tradition. If a child’s father is a doctor, the child will feel a sense of pride if he/she too, chooses that path for him/herself. If one’s mother is […]


Exploring Christian Traditions

A certain bias enters the mind instantly when religious learning institutions are brought up in conversation, and it is important to reflect on what evidential truths those opinions are rooted in. Eastern University has planted itself on three claims: faith, reason, and justice. Prospective students are told these core values […]


Courage To Be An Eastern Eagle

Students have noticed that some cosmetic changes have occurred on campus while they were away for the summer. The majority of the changes have been made by the Eastern marketing team. For one, the previous “Wake up the World” banners that hung off of lamp posts are now displaying variations […]


A Tribute to Our Senior Editors

      I truly believe that those that one works alongside greatly impact not only the work that is produced, but the person he or she becomes as a result. This year, I have had the privilege of deepening my understanding of that belief as I worked with 10 beautiful […]