Author: Anthony Barr


Being A Compassionate Community

     On a cold and rainy evening midway through last semester, I texted a close friend: “I need a hug and maybe a cup of tea.” It had been a particularly rough day for me, compounding the pain of a rough week. The particulars of my pain that night […]


Featured Eastern University Poets

Ours is an age which has learned to domesticate despair by approaching any and all enchantment as illusions and, therefore, lies. I believe that poetry is an antidote to this despair, not because reading or writing poems makes one happy, though often it does, but rather because poetry is meaningful […]


The Power of Good Coaches

     The year after I graduated high school, I asked to volunteer as assistant coach for the home-school league in which I had played for the last four years. At that point in my life, I had played soccer every season from the time I was four years old […]


Thank You, President Obama

     As your second term as our president draws to a close, I want to thank you, President Obama, for these eight years that you have served our nation. We did not agree on everything, and some of our disagreements, regarding abortion, for example, are profound. Yet my respect […]


On Place and Loving Lil’ Chicago

     In my first semester at Eastern, on a warm summer day, I walked with two close friends into Wayne. As we entered the bridge tunnel leading into Wayne, Pa., I noticed the graffiti which announced that we were “now entering lil chicago.” I still don’t know exactly why […]


How Modern Sci-Fi Sees Humans

     In 1964, a researcher at MIT named Joseph Weizenbaum created the program ELIZA which functioned as an early version of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ELIZA operated on a script which was designed to mirror the speech patterns of a psychoanalyst (responding to almost everything with a question) such that […]


Hark Ye to the Words of the Bard!

     The recent decision to award Bob Dylan with the Nobel Prize in Literature has renewed vigorous debate over whether song lyrics ought to be considered poetry. The debate is not because Dylan is somehow a polarizing figure but rather because poetry is so often neglected as a literary […]