Author: Anthony Barr


In Favor of Education for Returning Citizens

Education initiatives for a demographic that some would label as “ex-offenders” are often met with skepticism or even hostility. Why should we have a special focus on people who betrayed society through criminal activity? If those who broke the law are denied opportunities for higher learning, isn’t that just a […]


Is Clinton’s Free College Plan Just?

Eastern University president Dr. Duffett wrote an article in August for the Philadelphia Inquirer arguing for the inclusion of private colleges in Hillary Clinton’s plan for free college. Clinton’s proposed New College Compact ensures free tuition at four-year public colleges for every student whose family’s annual earnings are $85,000 or […]


Movie Reflection: “Spotlight”

Spotlight, a Best Picture Grammy nominee, tells the devastating but true story of the Boston Globe Spotlight team that broke the story in 2002 of the Catholic Church’s cover up of priests sexually abusing children. Here’s the story this team of journalists explored: a prominent leader in the Catholic Church […]


We Are Human: Finding Unity Through Art

She was number 27 and they called her the Devil’s child. She, a girl of only three years old, lived in an orphanage in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Her father was killed by rebel soldiers, and her mother died of starvation, choosing to feed her daughter instead. She was just […]


Great Coffee at the JJ, but is it Fair?

Eastern Professor Nancy Thomas often shares the words of Eastern alumnus and justice advocate Bryan Stevenson in class: “the opposite of justice is poverty.” The fair trade coffee movement has provided one answer to the injustice of poverty by insisting that everyone involved in production, from South America to the […]


Strangers and Neighbors

On Sept. 10, the Agora Institute hosted a lecture by Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik. Entitled “Religious Freedom and the Flourishing City,” this lecture, which was part history lesson, part political treatise, provided a compelling vision for religion in 21st-century America. Rabbi Soloveichik is a prominent Jewish theologian. In addition to […]


Book Review: “I am Malala”

“I Am Malala,” the remarkable true story of Malala Yousafzai’s fight for the right to education, has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 29 weeks. Her memoir was called “fearless” by “The Guardian,” while “The Washington Post” wrote, “this is a book that should be read not only […]