Author: Anthony Barr


Joe Arpaio Pardon

      I thought about beginning this article by recounting the horrific abuses perpetrated under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, such as the time a woman arrested for an outstanding fine was forced to give birth in shackles and was denied the opportunity to hold her newborn girl, or the conditions of […]


Earning Trust In An Age of Fake News

If I were to ask you, “what makes for a good newspaper,” most of you would probably respond with words like “fair,” “balanced,” “truthful,” “and “unbiased” as part of your description of a paper that addresses relevant issues and provides timely information. I think such a description can be summed […]


Saying No to the Faustian Bargain

      This has been a semester of loss, both for me and for a number of my closest friends. Whether that loss came in the form of a death in the family, the ending of a dating relationship, faculty changeovers or even just the fading out of once-prominent […]


Moonlight and Eastern Solidarity

      One of the most memorable scenes in “Moonlight” features a black man teaching a black boy how to swim. I think the power of the imagery is that it is at once tender and fierce: tender as an expression of trust, love and nurture; fierce because this […]

Center Spread

The Walt-Onion

EASTERN SET TO LAUNCH FOOTBALL PROGRAM by Anthony Barr and Jordan Kolb       Last week, Eastern announced that on April 1 it will launch a new plan to develop a football program. Recruiting for the upcoming school year is already underway, and the program is expected to increase […]


Eastern University and Immigration Policy

     On Jan. 31 Dr. Duffett released a statement on President Trump’s executive order regarding immigration, informally known as the “travel ban,” which prevents residents from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States. In his statement, Dr. Duffett writes of the nation’s First Amendment separation of church […]


Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

     The loss of Justice Scalia was a devastating blow to the nation last year. He brought a conservative disposition, prudent intelligence and incisive wit to bear on complex cases argued before the United States Supreme Court. President Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch, seems like a great fit to replace […]