Women’s LAX preps for another competitive season

Another season of Eastern’s women’s lacrosse is here, and so are its 20 players.

When asked what the expectations of this season are, first year Ashley Jones replied, “To win PAC’s! To be a great and positive example to other teams through our attitudes, how we play together, and how we make sure to keep Christ in the center.”

Positive attitudes are all around, especially from head coach Carolyn Urban, who said, “Our team is strong and we recruited a freshman class who have the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to this team.”

There are several returning players to the team this season who have the unification that the other 13 first year ladies are working hard to obtain.

“So far we seem to be clicking fairly well as a team, and communicate well on and off the field. It’s something we will always want to strive to improve on,” first year player Jessie Basch said.

These ladies have yet to go out on the field and make Eastern proud, but they are working hard just the same. They prepared for their game over mid-semester break in Florida. These ladies will be facing new territory, but will have the leadership of their captains, senior defense Diana Diffenderfer, senior defense Julianne Ferguson, junior attack Amy Norman and junior midfield Jenessa Winter, leading them on.

“We lost a few key players before the start of the season, so a lot of first year players will be asked to step in and fill their places, and we had to slightly restructure the team and the way we play as a result,” Basch said.

“The awesome and beautiful new turf field has been a big motivation for us and makes the game even more enjoyable” Jones added.

Either way it’s looked at, Eastern’s women’s lacrosse is ready for action and has no problem showing their skills and attitudes off.

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