Women’s lacrosse player profile: Krystal Cairns

If you miss seeing her singing karaoke Thursday nights at Applebees, make sure to tune into the women’s lacrosse season this spring to see her in action.

Who is she? Sophomore Krystal Cairns, who plays low-defense for the Eastern Lady Eagles lacrosse team. She played 14 out of the 18 games last season and is highly anticipating the upcoming season.

Proud of her team and their accomplishments in the last couple of years, Krystal has high hopes for this season.

“We want to win another PAC championship, our third in a row,” Krystal said. “We have a very young team this year, and the freshman are looking very good this year so I don’t think we are going to have a problem.”

Krystal’s love for lacrosse has continued to blossom at Eastern but started many years ago when she was in fourth grade and attended her first lacrosse clinic. She has been playing ever since.

Lacrosse is not only an integral part of her life but has become a family affair, as many of her relatives have joined in the fun.

“Lacrosse is huge in my family. Growing up it was like [we were] always going to lacrosse tournaments,” Krystal said. “My two little sisters now play and my cousin plays. It’s spreading.”

Besides playing lacrosse through high school, Krystal also played field hockey, softball, PowderPuff football and swam. Her love for sports is evident. She particularly enjoys watching what she calls “crazy sports,” like Nascar and ice hockey.

Hoping to carry her love for sports into the future, she is an economics and management major. Krystal hopes to find a career that incorporates her majors, her love for sports and her Christian faith.

Krystal’s Christian values are a huge part of who she is and are ultimately why she chose to attend Eastern.

“I love the atmosphere of being at college and growing spiritually and mentally,” Krystal said. “It’s something that I really don’t think you can get at any other campus because it’s so tight knit.”

She serves as a student chaplain on Kea-South First and loves the experience of working with the girls on her hall.

“I would recommend [being a chaplain] to anyone,” Krystal said. “It definitely keeps you accountable, and you get closer to all the girls.”

With her time packed between planning Grow Group and spending her fall semester on the PowderPuff field, Krystal lives the life of a busy student, but she looks forward to her next two years with great anticipation. Her love for Eastern and lacrosse is undeniable, and she can’t wait to continue on her journey with both.

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