Women’s lacross gets early start

Women’s lacrosse is set to begin practice in February as they prepare for the upcoming season.

During the Spring 2004 season, the team enjoyed a 13-4 record, losing only one conference game.

Right now the team is practicing their winter workout, which includes lifting, running and sprinting.

The lacrosse field is currently getting new turf so practices may have to take place on another Eastern field or on a field somewhere close to campus.

Though practice has not officially begun, the training routine is still required of the players.

“As a penalty, if we miss a day of training, we have to run an akers, which is basically a 20 minute sprinting drill,” senior Kim Loud said. “I’m hoping I don’t miss a day.”

During Homecoming, the lacrosse team fundraised by selling hotdogs, nachos, t-shirts and umbrellas.

According to Loud, the sales were very successful.

Also, some of the money that is made through fundraising goes toward the team’s annual spring break trip to Florida.

According to Loud, the Florida trip includes three days of hard labor and missions work.

“We all stay on the floor in this big room, so we get really close,” Loud explained. “I think that is when the first-years start to really get close to the upperclassmen.”

Sophomore Kate Hoy and junior Julianne Ferguson also appreciate the closeness of the team.

“The team and the coaches are one the reasons why I play,” Hoy said. “It is good fellowship and it is good team unity. When we go to Florida for spring break it is just amazing.”

Ferguson echoed Hoy’s sentiment.

“Being on the team is a lot of fun,” she said. “We have fun playing together and it feels good to know that when we win it wasn’t just because of one person but because we’re a team.”

Though the team lost a lot of senior players between the 2004 and 2005 season, they are excited for the chance to beat Cabrini’s team, who has won the conference for the past seven years.

“It was a big thing that we beat Cabrini last year,” Loud said. “We were undefeated during the season but in the championship they beat us by one goal. We get closer every year.”

This season, Loud is co-captaining with Ferguson and junior Diana Diffenderfer.

The team as a whole seems to be looking forward to the opportunity to win the PAC. Specfic goals, however, vary a little with each player.

“Winning the PAC is important, but I also just want to be able to do well this year,” Hoy said. “I just want to be able to improve and I just want to help the team as a whole to improve as well.”

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