What’s New On Campus

Mcinnis Hall underwent renovations this summer, upgrading the outward appearance, hallways and classrooms. Now with a glass overhang, the lobby features hanging lanterns, wooden paneling, and a ticketing desk. New flooring can be noticed throughout the building while many classrooms have new chairs and media setup. Additional changes include new auditorium seating and restored restroom facilities.

Mike Schmersal is new to Student Development as the Office Manager and Yearbook Adviser. Joe Plourde, Clerical Assistant, is also new to Student Development as is Peder Wiegner, the Administrative Assistant to the Office of Faith and Practice. Other new staff members on campus include three new Residence Directors. They are Anthony Harris in Eagle Hall, Ben Howard in Gallup Hall and Larissa Leifer in Gough Hall.

New full-time faculty to the College of Arts and Sciences include Rebecca Hays and Meg Laakso in the biology department, Kelly Mowery in the chemistry department and Nijay Gupta and Frederic Putnam in the department of Christian Studies. New to the English department is M. Colleen Willenbring, and the political science department has welcomed Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe and Justin Moeller. Michael Thomas joins the psychology departmet, and new additions to the dance department are Janine Bryant, Saleana Pettaway, and Stephen Welsh.

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