What’s in For 2007: Fashion

The fashion past has caught up with us this year and crashed right into styles of the present and predictions of future attire.

This 2007 fashion season is an explosion of all the decades, re-creating clothes that are inspired by the outfits of our past generations.

Retro trends of the 1930s and 1940s, for example, have inspired crop jackets, belted dresses and bell-shaped dresses and coats.

While the 1980s made a comeback in the fall of ’06, leggings are no longer a trend, and bare legs are the look for the spring.

Also, hipster pants have been replaced with high waistlines, accented with big, bold belts.

And while skinny jeans remain a popular item, wide leg jeans and trousers are also coming back into style.

Oversized, square bags can still be spotted hanging off the shoulders of women. However, clutches are being re-introduced in 2007, and are chic for both the day and night.

Ballet flats remain a hot item for the spring, as well as peep-toe platforms and wedges.

Cobalt blue and canary yellow are recommended by People magazine as the hot colors for this year. People also suggests bright accessories, such as greens, fuchsias, even neons for shoes, belts and bags.

It’s also the season of the dress, according to popular fashion magazines, and short and loose mini dresses are a must-have.

“Dresses in every way, shape and form are important. The story is shorter hemlines,” Neiman Marcus CEO Karen Katz said in a recent People magazine article.

For the fashion-forward male, stripes and checks are bold prints for the upcoming season.

Black remains a cool and trendy color this year; however, experts suggest adding jolts of color to outfits. 1970s styled suits and shirts add a classic, fun look to men’s wardrobes.

Inspired by past decades and infused with modern flare, fashion trends this season will launch the modern woman and man into the new year and prepare them for everything 2007 has to offer.


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